~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

so sleepy

Loudtwitter is having issues. So my twitter posts are showing weird. More often than they should be. Which sometimes has meant multiple times.

I went to pick up my prints from my grandma's yesterday. I'm mostly happy. The things I'm not happy about are correctable on my end and, had I done them in the first place, everything would have looked fine. I should have sharpened all the files pre-printing. I only didn't because they looked fine on the screen and I didn't want to sharpen anything that didn't really need it. Noted for next time they I should anyway. Even if only a little. Also, I should have cropped the promo cards just a little differently, left more space around the edges. Some of my text got cut off on some of them. Drat! But now I know better. I emailed them asking if there is a wallet template with safe lines for adding text. That would really help. Then I'd know for sure if it was all where it needed to be. I even thought about that and fixed one of them before printing. I should have done it for all of them. So I have some of the cards that are usable and some that aren't. I did more last night though and I'm pretty sure they're cropped just fine this time so in a few days I'll have a better set.

Otherwise, not much going on. Just business on the brain. Trying to increase visibility so people know I'm here. Getting impatient, though I know I shouldn't!

I felt like I didn't sleep last night until after 11. Now that I'm thinking about it, there is no way I just lay there for 2 hours not sleeping last night. So I must have been in and out, kinda sorta sleeping for a couple hours. Feels like pretty much the same result though. So I am so sleeeeepy!

And now it's time for me to get going.

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