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Friday Steve came over for dinner and then we went to see Cold Mountain in Birch Run. I liked it... but then, I like everything.

Saturday we went all over. I took my film in to Saginaw Photo, 4 color rolls 1 b/w the black and white will be ready on wednesday so I'll probably just wait on the others til then too. I get so impatient for film though when I know I have some coming back. Particularly since I have no idea what's on any of those rolls. I took lots of pictures this weekend too. I thin kI'll put them up in small groups through out the week so theres not just an overwhelming amout of pictures like there was last week. So we dropped off film, went to some stores, tried to go to the Janes Street Clinic to take in my prescription. They closed the pharmacy a few monutes before we got there though so we just kept driving on Janes Street and ended up on Gera so we decided to go to Frankenmuth.

We walked around, I took pictures, we looked at things. The snowfest (or whatever it is that they call it) was (is?) going on and so there were so many people there. It felt like being herded around like cattle just to cross the street. But we finally went to the mirror maze. Very neat! They give you plastic gloves to wear to cut down on smudges and it really is hard to get through it... you can just wander around in circles for the longest time. It made for interesting pictures though. We walked around to some more shops, I bought some tea and some beads for a few projects. We stopped in the cheese store on out way back to the car. Had to get some of their kickass cheese spread. There were a few that were so good but they were expensive too.

We went for chinese at Hunan. When we were just about to leave one of the local news guys, Sam Merrill, came in and sat down at the table behind us. I didn't realize this as I'm asking Steve if he thinks thats Sam Merrill and that I think he has a cute smile. Steve's telling me, no, *really*, he sat down *right* behind you. And I of course turned my head to find him inches behind me, hopefully not being the eavesdropper that I usually am. So one of his female companions was asking about the white sauce. We were putting on our coats at this point and after the waiter left she was still wondering aloud, what's the white sauce. I felt the need to warn her that chinese white sauce always looks like snot. Ok perhaps I shouldnt have bothered. But its so unappatizing looking, especially if you're not expecting it.

We went to Barnes and Noble and looked a books for a while before going to see a movie. I saw so many things I wanted. I love books. I could get a new book every day and still have way more that I never got to that I really really want. *sigh*

Ok so yes, we looked at books, bought a few, and then went over to the cheap theater to see The Missing. I liked that too (surprise!)

Sunday we went to Godwin's Furniture and looked at The Couch. They still have it... its cheaper now. We walked around and looked at more furniture (just because... something to do and I felt like looking at furniture) and went to Birch Run to the Sony store and bought a refurbished memory card so now I have more memory goodness. Big Yay to that. We came back here and watched Clueless.

Last night Matt wanted to hang out. He came and picked me up and we went back to his house so we wouldnt keep my grandma up. We hung out for a while and he gave me some of the money he owes me from Christmas. He had quite a bit to talk about and I didn't get to bed until quie late. After I got home I finished resizing the pictures from the rest of the weekend.

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