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blerg. - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
Let's see. Today. Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day. One of my favorite holidays. I usually celebrate with Bonnie, though she, of course, is not a bear. Steve is supposed to be bringing Pookie (who is a bear) when he (Steve, not Pookie) gets out of work. Mikale will be pleased I think. I also promised Mikale a little treasure hunt today. This will make him happy too.

They switched our key cards to a new kind. They're fancier. You wave them in front of a sensor instead of inserting them in a slot. I didnt even have to take it out of my wallet. That was nice.

Beth made me a flyer for the business. It looks great. Yay! Beth does some fabulous stuff. I have ideas for another. Hopefully she'll be able to make that happen too.
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