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Saturday night and Sunday and today

Saturday night we went to dinner at a mexican place in the neighborhood. It was very good. Yay! I had chicken flautas that came with lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, rice and beans on the side. Actually I'm hungry now and shouldn't be thinking about food! I have some fruit here but it's just not the same.

That night we, with Steve's parents, went to Navy Pier and watched the fireworks from a boat. They were pretty and I was glad I finally got to see some. I had a fabulous view. Had to stand for quite a while to make sure I didn't lose my spot though and my feet hurt so much. Actually my feet hurt now. They pretty much hurt every day after I messed them up in the first place. I look forward to letting them heal. After the fireworks were over, we went inside and sat down. The cruise lasted for about another half hour after that. We had a great paring spot so we were out of there pretty quickly.

Sunday we got up, had breakfast at the apartment, started packing a little. We made the big trip to Lush and Ethel's. I bought lots of stuff for other people and for me. Yay for Lush and Chocolate! I was sad that they didn't have my favorite chocolate piece. They were out of the pecan toffee crunch swuares. :( They're so good! I wish, now, that I had brought some chocolate to work with me.

After the shopping trip we took the bags back to the apartment and did some more packing until I heard from Remorra. We met her for ice cream. We had to leave her after that because it was getting late and we really needed to finish getting packed and head home. We left about 4, which for us was really 5. The drive was long but we had music and no storms to add any stress. It went as quickly as it could and we were home by 11. I think I got to sleepy by 1.

Today I got up at 8, took a shower, got ready for the day, had some cereal, checked my email, made some formula, packed up stuff and went to my grandma's. I only had a little bit of time before I had to leave for work. But I gave her her Chicago papers, picked some cherries to take to work, gave her the formula for Stranger and her chocolate. Working until 5 today. 4 more hours.
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