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Thursday in Chicago

I think this might be the first I missed doing a Thursday 13 since I started. I never made it to it.

Yesterday we went to Einstein's for food. I had a Tasty Turkey sandwich on garlic bagel, potato salad on the side (they have really good potato salad) and iced green tea. Good stuff. While we ate, we kinda mapped out the trip. Listed everything we wanted to do and when we figured we could do what.

We went to the grocery store and picked up breakfasty foods. Cereal, berries, soy milk, granola bars, bread for toast. So we'll be set and not be running out first thing and buying junk just because we're starving. It was hard to fit it all in the fridge. I really ought to clean it out for them again. I've done that once or twice before when here. They have a ridiculous amount of condiments. Even worse than me. They take up half the refrigerator.

We got everything put away and then went downtown. We started at the place with the Hello Kitty store. I, of course, bought Hello Kitty stuff! And stuff with a couple new characters. A pig that reminds me of a hedgehog and an adorable frog. I want to know where to find more stuff with these characters! I got a new tote bag, some pads of paper, a gel pen, some barrettes, a stationery set... That might be it. I don't have the bag next to me or I'd check.

Actually, before we hit the Hello Kitty sore, we stopped at the Ethel's that's in the same building and had Marvelous Mochas and I bought chocolate to sustain me until we make the big Ethel's trip before we leave. Such good stuff. I may have "accidentally" left one of my marketing cards at Ethel's where we were sitting. Oops! Not that I expect much to come of it, but you never know!

After Sanrio, we headed down the street to Water Tower Place and found Teavana. I don't know how it happened but I talked to the sales girl and the next thing I know I've got a pound of tea. $$$ Ouch. Hopefully it will be stuff I'll like. I'm trying to learn to appreciate tea. It all smells really good and sounds like it would be good.

We made our way to a movie theater after that (found it surprisingly easily once we had some guidance from Beth, though we had only been there once before) to see Hancock. I got a small popcorn and small cherry coke. Their smalls (any theater really) were not particularly small. Kinda cool, though, you get to put your own buttery topping on it. Less cool is that it only ends up on the top layer then. I kind of like the way they do it at home because they'll fill your bag half way, butter it, then fill it the rest of the way and butter it. Though here, if you wanted to drown it in buttery topping, you could. I chose not to drown it even though it was tempting. I had Steve carry my pop and he set it in the cup holder next to me. As I was sitting down, I knocked it out of the holder with my bag and it splooshed all over my foot and the floor. Steve was awesome enough to go buy me another pop though. Yay! I really liked the movie. Go see it.

We were fortunate to get out of the movie before the fireworks because that meant we missed the horrible packing of the train. We went to the back and even had seats for the whole ride back. Wee! And entertainment because we were sitting next to two girls. One who was 18 and one who was 10. I don't know how they knew each other but they were funny to listen to. Most of it was 'you just had to be there' kind of stuff.

We came back to the apartment, dropped off bags, Steve took allergy drugs and grabbed a shirt with sleeves, and we headed over to Hamburger Mary's for dinner. I had a quesadilla and cheese fries. Even half of it was too much for me. I brought the rest home but I have no idea when/if it will get eaten.

Today our plan is to do the Taste and fireworks at Navy Pier.
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