~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

I was ambitious yesterday

For me anyway...
After work, I went to see Michelle and got my hair cut and colored. Highlighted anyway. A few. I like it. It's a little shorter than the last couple times but not as short as the first time. When I got home I did a bunch of stuff. List time! I:
  • called the vet and made an appointment for Stranger for today at 2:45.
  • emptied, washed, repaired and refilled my HK tote bag.
  • washed my rope sandals. I hope they will not have funk. They are still not dry. They say to hang them to dry though so they are hanging right now.
  • had tea
  • swept the living room. Partially anyway.
  • cleaned out the living room closet.
  • gathered and boxed a bunch of Christmas stuff and easter stuff that was in multiple places. Now it's all together.
  • washed and hung to dry jeans and tanks.

It doesn't sound like much when I type it out but it kept me busy for hours.
Last night we went out to dinner with Steve's parents and sister. When we got home we found a paper clip stuck in the lock of our front door. It was straigntened (ish) and the other end was stuck in a little pink bouncy ball. It was really weird and made us kind of paranoid. I was even more careful about making sure everything was shut and locked last night/this morning.

Now it's time to accomplish stuff.

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