~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

just called my grandma

CK has been sleeping. He's had no changes from last night. She said he went to the back room once but hasn't had any desire to eat that she could tell. She said he got on the back of the arm chair last night and slept. Today he's sleeping on the blankets I put on the floor for him. He only stirred once and my grandma figured Stranger was bothering him so she put him (Stranger) into kitty jail.

I called the vet. The appointment is at 3. He will probably be done by a vet tech. I will be present I'm bringing him home afterward. I expect to be burying him later this afternoon. I'll go after work and spend some time loving on him. I hope the car ride doesn't stress him out too much.

I am sad.
Tags: critter tales
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