~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

happy summer!

I actually did manage to get everything done before 9. I got to bed around 8:30 I believe. Perhaps slightly before. Yay! But I'm still tired this morning. Waking up mid dream does that to me.

I'm drinking some birthday cake tea. I added a little french vanilla creamer to it hoping it would make it a little less black tea-y. It did. But now it doesn't really taste like more than creamy vanilla flavored water. With a slight tea flavor. I may let my grandma have the rest of my tin. She likes black tea more than I do and she enjoyed her cup that she had the day they arrived. I'm taking her some in a little bag today and will probably make her a cup this afternoon.

I might bring my laptop to g-ma's with me this afternoon. I have to come back home for the formula anyway. And then I won't have to fight Mikale for it so he can play with his webkins. He's got like 5 of them now. It seems excessive to me. But then, he keeps accusing me of hating the one I have. :) I'm wearing my turtle socks today. The little turtle on them resembles Shelly, my webkin, and I think Mikale will appreciate that. Maybe I should bring the damn plush turtle too and we can take him on a little adventure. He would appreciate that as well I think. I could bring Bonnie as well and they can be friends. She's usually lazing around in bed lately anyway. Meaning her website gets no updates.

I think I'll make some toast for breakfast. And yogurt. I don't really enjoy the yogurt but it is a good choice.

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