~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

chat log: rayad77

Session Start (Yahoo! - angelle321:rayad77): Mon Jun 09 22:48:52 2003
[22:48] rayad77: are you single looking to meet a new guy for dating
[22:49] angelle321: no
Session Close (rayad77): Mon Jun 09 22:51:12 2003

Session Start (Yahoo! - angelle321:rayad77): Mon Jun 09 23:04:51 2003
[23:04] rayad77: 5 10 brown eyes cute
[23:05] angelle321: so?
[23:06] rayad77: let get on cam girl im looking for a hot girl so if it isnt you be nice so youll have beter luck for the next guy dont be so mean
[23:06] angelle321: I'm not looking for a guy. and I already told you that. but even if I hadn't, why should I care if youre tallish and cute? I dont know you and that's no way to inspire me to want to.

~*~*~*~edited to add the following~*~*~*~

[23:09] rayad77: when girl go through typing so many word to explain them self that shows me they care so i guess im a guy big guy in a small world
[23:11] rayad77: i hope your cute becouse i live to find a hottie soon i might be you im a good salesmen always get what i whant becouse im a spoiled brato
[23:12] angelle321: I see. well I'm still not interested. and so far you are definitely not selling me. in any way for any thing.
[23:12] rayad77: so if your realy cute and you might one day that you didnt get what you whant you might be mad at your self
[23:13] angelle321: yes, I'm sure I'll be kicking my self soon enough that I let this fabulous catch slip through my fingers. oh yes indeed.
[23:13] rayad77: some times its not the size of the tool its how you use it
[23:14] angelle321: yes and obviously some of yours are a little lacking. particularly the important wrinkly one youre keeping inside your skull.
[23:15] rayad77: got any cute girl freind you might hook me up with i just mooved from saginaw been there for 3 yr and dont knew to many peaple around this town that are real soglo
[23:17] angelle321: no, I can't say that I would wish you upon any of my friends.
[23:17] angelle321: and how have you managed to not know anyone in three years?
[23:17] angelle321: do you work?
[23:18] angelle321: in what part of saginaw do you stay?
[23:18] rayad77: comon ask me if i got guy freinds i might hook you up with that might make you happie depending on what makes you happy
[23:18] angelle321: I'm not interested
[23:21] rayad77: spalding twnship i stayed up there for a girl so im back to the city for more then just one girl im going to be single and free im just looking for some one i could just as a sex partner are you going to give a chance now think about it and maybee you could get back with me i have neaver maid a women do what she didnt whant to dow
[23:22] rayad77: do
[23:23] angelle321: well that sounds like a lofty and fulfilling goal.
[23:23] angelle321: which I will not be helping you to achieve
[23:24] rayad77: common imverry happy guy and good enterisnter intresting
[23:24] angelle321: not particularly coherent though
[23:24] rayad77: well then i guess my loss
[23:25] rayad77: so im not born in this cuntry
[23:26] angelle321: ah
[23:26] angelle321: the picture becomes a little clearer
[23:26] angelle321: it shows
[23:27] rayad77: if you whernt so bord you would be one this borng computor
[23:28] rayad77: if you where hanging around with me i would keep you happy mamma
[23:29] angelle321: I'm happiest when intellectually stimulated. I somehow doubt that I would be such a "happy mamma"
[23:30] rayad77: but
[23:32] rayad77: the rub of the but is the most imporant part of simulation how you rubb touch feel
[23:33] rayad77: it
[23:33] angelle321: I don't believe I can talk to you any more.
[23:33] angelle321: wait. I will put that better
[23:34] angelle321: I don't believe I *want* to talk to you any more
[23:34] angelle321: so I will be ending this conversation now
[23:34] angelle321: please stop sending messages
[23:35] rayad77: next time you get with a guy rember if he doesnt hold on that but the whole time youll be thinking about me r
[23:35] rayad77: my loss becouse if your but is right then you my have that


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