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morning call to grandma

Just called my grandma. She said she hasn't noticed any seizures. He mews quite a bit. He was up at 4 letting her know that he was starving and he was eating again when I called. She said he pooped. This is good because he wasn't really there for a couple days. He went yesterday too. On g-ma's floor. But it cleaned up easily and we were just pleased that he went. He's been moving around in his cage. He may want out of it but I don't think it's a good idea.

I worry that Mikale doesn't quite grasp how serious it is to have a brain injury, how fragile he is, or that just because he looks ok, doesn't mean he is. He still treats him somewhat like a toy. A couple days ago he asked if he could hold him on his lap wile we were sitting watching a movie and I very gently set him down and made sure he was still sleeping comfortably. Then I looked and Mikale was trying to physically move him and manipulate him into facing the TV, telling him to watch the movie. He was doing it pretty gently but yeesh. I took him back. This is why I worry. He doesn't quite understand.

And at this point, it's not like we're out of the woods. It needs to go day by day and he needs lots of care. He may never be normal and what healing he does do could take a long time.
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