~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

talked to a different vet today

I called my grandma this morning around 8. She said he ate quite a bit of formula this morning. He was hungry. And that he has been walking around the cage. She hasn't witnessed any more seizures but I don't expect her to.

Then I called Cole, hoping to talk to Dr. Hegenauer. He's not in today but the girl told me that Dr. Winter(s?) could call me. She called a few minutes ago and we discussed the kitty. She said that looking at how he was found and the signs he was showing, it did sound like a head injury and that it's hard to treat that in a small kitten. I told her that the seizures had lessened in intensity over the course of the couple days and asked if that was a positive thing and she said yes. I wasn't sure if it made a difference or not. She said the problem with seizures as a result of head injury is that they can be permanent. She also told me that her son had had a head injury about 10 years ago and that a lot of what you do is wait and see because head injuries can be very unpredictable. She did say that it would help for her to see him and that she would like to try putting him on a steroid temporarily. But that, again, I think is difficult for a kitty so small. I think it's less successful.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
Tags: critter tales

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