~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

I feel so sad for him :(

This morning when we got to my grandma's, the kitten was doing better. He was bright eyed and alert. He hissed at me when i walked in the room and then purred and purred and purred when he was picked up and held and petted. He ate quite a bit and had formula as well. At one point when I set him down he was itching his fleas on his ear with his back foot. So his movement was better than yesterday too.

We were there for a while and then decided to go to Birch Run to the outlet mall for a bit before going to Barb & Harry's so I could take pictures of things on a car for Harry. We hung there for a bit and I talked to Barb.

When we got back to my grandma's she said she thought something was wrong with the kitten. She said a little bit before, she had him out to feed him and all of a sudden he meowed and was all claws and teeth and he bit onto her finger and held on. She lifted her hand to try to get him off and he was hanging from her finger. She had to pry his teeth off her. She said it lasted about a minute and then he was really limp.

I picked him up and he was quiet and not purring and very shortly after, while I was holding him, he cried out and got tense and twitched and drooled. We figure he's having seizures. But I don't know why they all of a sudden started. He was doing so well earlier. He had them at pretty frequent, but varied intervals through the rest of the evening while I was there. There were a few times that he would start and I would massage his neck and shoulders and it would stop and he'd go quiet and limp again. One of the times he purred and purred and purred. But most of the time he was just still and quiet and starey or sleeping. Sometimes I'd be massaging him and he would still have one of the longer more intense ones. But they seemed to be less violent when I was massaging him. Before he would just throw himself around. He seems freaked out by them but I don't know if he's freaked out or if that's just part of what's happening to him. I just feel so awful about it. I didn't want to leave him but at the same time there isn't much I could do.

I asked my grandma to try to help him through them and told her what I had been doing. I don't think she will though. She had excuses and reasons why she wouldn't be able to and when. But there would be times that she could. So I really don't know her true reasons. Maybe she's just getting too old to be bothered with it.

I feel awful for him. :(
Tags: critter tales

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