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My head was hurty all day yesterday. I did not like it. Even with tylenol, still hurty.

I picked up Mikale from school. He argued with me the whole drive to g-ma's because I wouldn't stop at his house so he could bring a bunch of stuff with him. We walked down the road with my grandma trying to figure out which tree drops the osage oranges in the fall. We couldn't tell. Then Mikale and I played 3 games of badminton. I won. Go me! He holds his own pretty well though. I told him I want a rematch so he can beat me.

Went walking last night in Bay City. It was a nice walk, though a little hot because it's all in the sun. When it's warm I prefer to walk where it's shady. But it was a nice walk just the same. We stopped at Brad's and hung for a bit. There was a guy there who felt pretty passionately about animals. He had just rescued a dog from a shelter. He runs a kennel as well. He gave his business card to Mike.

I started making a myspace for the business. I need to start adding people I know. I don't know what good it will do me, but it can't hurt to get the word out in as many ways as possible.

My "You're adorable" cards came yesterday. Wee! I'm pleased with them. I'll have to start leaving them places.

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