~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Thursday 13 #24 more site stats!

1. double-jointed do the worm with your fingers
2. snail crushed under shoes
3. i dyed his hair
4. crushed glass paintings
5. if you found a black briefcase highly confidential
6. if you joined the circus what act would you most want to perform?
7. easy way to crush glass
8. kool aid flavor sexuality
9. painting with crushed glass
10. 100 things about me beach
11. if you could have one book instantly memorized what book would
12. do you still have your tonsils yes (this one comes up surprisingly often)
13. crush glass custom paint

For more participants or to get the code, visit thursdaythirteen.com. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
Tags: thursday thirteen

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