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chat log: nofear_xx

Session Start (Yahoo! - angelle321:nofear_xx): Mon Jun 09 20:52:38 2003
[20:52] nofear_xx: so that's what u would look like
[20:52] angelle321: what?
[20:53] nofear_xx: when we kiss
[20:53] angelle321: riight.
[20:54] angelle321: and who are you?
[20:54] nofear_xx: nicholas from cali 22
[20:54] angelle321: I see
[20:54] nofear_xx: and u?
[20:58] angelle321: for all web purposes I'm just angelle
[20:58] angelle321: all my info is in my profile
[20:58] nofear_xx: i hear ya
[20:58] nofear_xx: i wasn't asking 4 specifics
[20:59] angelle321: I know
[20:59] angelle321: I was just sayingwhere to find it
[20:59] nofear_xx: ur cute
[20:59] angelle321: thanks
[21:00] angelle321: you don't have any info in your profile
[21:00] angelle321: how come?
[21:01] nofear_xx: well 4 one i have a g/f
[21:01] angelle321: so?
[21:01] nofear_xx: so if she saw meout there
[21:01] angelle321: then what?
[21:01] nofear_xx: history
[21:01] angelle321: hmm
[21:02] angelle321: well not everyone with a profile is single or looking
[21:02] nofear_xx: true
[21:02] angelle321: I'm certainly not
[21:02] nofear_xx: so ru married?
[21:03] nofear_xx: n/m
[21:03] angelle321: umm k
[21:03] angelle321: no, we're not married
[21:04] nofear_xx: ru totally in love?
[21:05] angelle321: we're happy
[21:05] angelle321: very happy
[21:05] nofear_xx: lol
[21:05] nofear_xx: ok
[21:05] nofear_xx: so can u go out with other guys?
[21:07] angelle321: can I?
[21:07] angelle321: I'm sure I would be physically capable... but why would I want to?
[21:07] nofear_xx: yes
[21:07] nofear_xx: not even 4 me
[21:08] nofear_xx: :p
[21:08] angelle321: um, no, not even for you
[21:10] angelle321: and um, you have a girlfirend
[21:10] angelle321: and if youre out looking for other girls then you might as well have your profile up
[21:10] angelle321: cause what ever she might think because of it is probably true anyway right?
[21:10] nofear_xx: RIGHT
[21:11] angelle321: well then
[21:11] angelle321: anyway I dont really have time or desire to continue this conversation.
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