~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,


Steve will be coming home with dinner soon. Yay hummus!

I likely will have a shoot Saturday with an old friend from school. Her daughter. She's a pretty little thing. I don't know if they'll want family shots or not. I think I will hear from her tomorrow probably. I think I will offer her 2 unit prints (1 8x10/2 5x7/8 wallet etc.) for each photo I choose for my portfolio. I'll throw in a free set of 8 referral wallets and hopefully that will leave everyone happy. Now if only a couple more of the people I contacted would get back to me...

When I make my next print order I'll also get a set of referral prints made for Mary. I need to pick out a good Mikale picture from that last official shoot to use for that.

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