~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Thursday 13 #22 likes and dislikes (letter C)

Thirteen likes and dislikes that start with the letter C

1. like: cameras
2. like: cute things
3. like: chocolate
4. dislike: cruelty
5. like: cats
6. dislike: cold
7. like: coloring
8. like: camis (the article of clothing that seems to be different than a camisole, which makes me think of old lady underpinnings)
9. dislike: the *word* "cami"
10. like: crunchy peanutbutter
11. like: cable modem
12. like: Christmas
13. dislike: cinnamon candy

For more participants or to get the code, visit thursdaythirteen.com. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
Tags: thursday thirteen

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