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I still don't have pictures to post.. I'll probably get to that tomorrow. I took a bunch and just havent gotten around to going through and resizing them.

Wednesday evening we left and went to Grand Rapids to spend the night at Steve's friend Meghan's house. She was nice. We went to grab some food and then pretty much went home to bed so there wasn't too much chance for visiting. She had to get to bed for work the next day. She had 2 cats and a hamster. The one cat we never saw (sounds like ours!) and the other one must not have liked the other kitty scents I had on me cause I came near her and she sniffed at me and hissed and growled. Sad , since I like kitties! We got up and got going late Thursday morning. We stopped for foor ad Boston Market on our way out of GR. I saved the receipt in case I ever feel like making any sort of scrap book and because I'm just a packrat like that. I got a brownie to eat later that ended up taking me several days to finish. I took some Bonnie pictures on the way into Chicago and throughout the rest of the weekend. Thursday night we visited and watched Muppet stuff.

Friday it was cold. We went out a little in the day and visited a couple stores. We went to the fabric store and got some fleece to make a blanket for Beth and to make a couple more blankets for Steve and I. For Beth's blanket we got some Frog fleece and some coordinating plaid to back it. I also got some of the frog stuff cause it was so cute, and also some with a tiger, lion, and alligator (crocodile? I didnt look that close) print. So cute! I also picked up some fleece to make myself a scarf (and Bonnie too so that was neat). It's printed with ducks, bunnies, plaid, hearts, stars, and flowers. Also quite cute. That night we went out and had thai food for Beth and Steve's dad's birthdays. Some of the food I liked, some of it I wasnt as enthused about, but it was all edible. It was nice and we sat around and talked for a while after we ate. We went home and played Killer Bunnies.

Saturday we went out shopping and looking at things. We went to Sephora and also to the Lego Store. I spent a chunk of time in the Sanrio store drooling on Hello Kitty stuff. I picked up a few things, a nice little bag of trinkets. Beth bought me a change purse and a stamper ring (yay beth!). Beth and her guy went out to dinner separate from Steve, his dad, and me. We went to Charlie's Ale House. Fabulously yummy food was had by Steve and me. We left quite happy.

Sunday Steve and I visited the Field Museum on our way out of town. We spent a good portion of the afternoon there and still didn't have enough time. It was so interesting and just all around kickass. There was a dinosaur skeleton and a couple elephants in the lobby. We looked at some of a nature exhibit that had animals and other things from all over the world. We also looked at the ancient Egypt exhibit and also went through a thing that takes you through something as if you were the size of a maggot and under the ground in your back yard. I would have loved to have more time there.

Definitely a good visit.

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