~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

daily stuff

I didn't do anything yesterday. I was feeling pretty unmotivated. I read. I submitted 5 files for test printing to yet another site, and later on in the evening, I went for a walk with Steve.

I talked to my grandma on the phone. She said I had another package waiting. She hasn't been feeling well. She has pain in her right side. It sounds awful. She said it felt like she swallowed a pack of razor blades. And that it hurt worse than when she had appendicitis. She was told she couldn't get in to see the doctor until the 22nd but she was going to call today and see if they can squeeze her in earlier. I figure if she describes the pain to them the way she did to me, they ought to do something to get her seen.

I'm picking up Mikale tomorrow. provided my grandma feels well enough to watch him. Even though he's pretty good, it's still difficult for her when she doesn't feel well. Particularly when she has a day like yesterday when she managed to get out of bed to go to the bathroom but that was about all. He's only 7. He can't take care of himself.

I would like to go back to bed. There is no good reason for this. I went to bed early. I don't think it's because I had less caffeine this morning either. I did, though. I drank two cups of green tea instead of my usual cup of coffee. It would be good for me to stop being a regular coffee drinker I think. And more tea is good!

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