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frown frown frown

Muffin killed my cow bowl. Or, rather, Steve left the cabinet door open, which we don't do because we know that Muffin will go into it the first chance he gets. And then, of course, Muffin went in the cupboard and when he jumped out, the bowl came with him. I'm bummed about this. I really liked that bowl! It was so cute!

It's chilly in here this morning. I'm wrapped up in a fuzzy throw now and have my coffee so those should both help.

Yesterday I called Vistaprint's customer service number and after a long wait, talked to a lady for a while. She wasn't terribly helpful though. She gave me a couple options - have them send out a new shipment of the cards that didn't work out, or give me a credit on my account. But neither of those would help with getting the color matched up right. When I asked her if I ought to send samples in, she said that she was going to suggest that next. But she told me I should just send in the sample of the new card that I don't like the color as well. But that doesn't make sense to me, as I want the color to be the same. She also added a proof file to my account and said that the print should match that proof exactly. But when the proof is added to your account, an email gets sent and the email said the proof shouldn't be used to proof color, just layout and text. So I don't know what good the proof is to me for this! So I typed up a letter:

May 12, 2008

I spoke to a customer service representative and we determined that it might be best if I sent in samples of my previous orders. I'm hoping that I can get a finished product that makes me as happy as my previous orders have. The cards in my most recent order had a very different hue compared to cards in previous orders. All were from the same template. I have included a sample from each. I would like to get another set, with the text from the newer cards (order # 22492-64183-8L4) and the color from the older cards (order # 75415-87658-6L1).

If someone could let me know where we go from here, I would really appreciate it!

(my name)
(my email)
(my phone number)

(my address)

I also included a card from my last order and a card from the order before with notes on the back. Each has the order number it came from and notes on which I liked and which I didn't. Complete with little frowny face.

Hopefully it will get resolved and I'll get cards that are the pretty color I like.

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