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photo test prints notes to self

  • Ritz (http://ritzpix.com/net/Default.aspx) I've liked their 4x6 prints I've gotten in store. I haven't seen anything ordered by mail and definitely haven't seen any enlargements. The site says they're "powered by LifePics". Seems like there was another site that was too. Reed maybe?

    Order received Monday 5-12-08
    They are my #2 choice so far. I'd consider them if they offer(ed) die cut wallets. I saw no option for them on the site though.

  • flickr
    Order received Monday 5-12-08
    Not feeling the Flickr printing. They don't have many options for prints. There is no 8x12 and that's important for me if I want to print anything full frame. Additionally, there is a speckly look to the print that I just don't care for. It's light, but that's part of the problem. It stands out that way. Maybe it's paper texture, but it's not good.

  • http://myphotopipe.com
    Order received Tuesday 5-13-08

    I have no problems with this print.

  • http://iprintfromhome.com

    Order received Monday 5-12-08
    Not feeling this one. There are print lines. They bug me.

  • http://mpix.com

    Order received Saturday 5-10-08
    I like this print mostly. But I found print lines in the tree area off to the right side. I don't see them anywhere else. It's strange. Usually if they're there, they're everywhere. It has bumped them down a little further on the list as a result. Also, I just noticed a small crinkle in the lower right corner. I may or may not have done this myself. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

  • Adorama (http://www.adoramapix.com) They are the first I've seen offering die-cut wallets. If any of the other sites above do, they don't say so on their sites.

    Order received Monday 5-12-08
    I have no problems with this print. The order sheet said color corrected. I didn't think I ordered anything color corrected. This would be a minus, not because they didn't do a good job, but because it would be harder to compare it to the others. I didn't want any other variables. The color is good though. And it comes close to the color in my original Saginaw Photo print.

  • https://www.fullcolor.com/ I had a little difficulty getting things set up with them. Their uploading system wasn't working well for me and I couldn't get it to crop. It was frustrating. You're supposed to be able to with it though.

    Order received Tuesday 5-13-08

    I have no problems with this print. Additionally, because they have a $12 order minimum, I order a couple additional prints. I printed the Mikale story board at 8x12 and the picture of Logan eating his birthday ice cream at a 5x7. Both other prints look great. This place moves into 1st/2nd place. It's definitely able to compete with adorama.

  • http://www.meridianpro.com/
    I have no problems with this print.

    here is a review from someone who did have a problem with them

  • White House Custom Color (http://www.whcc.com)
    Submitted 5 8x10 files for test printing

    They sent me my prints and a paper sample pack. I have no problems with the prints.

Still waiting to hear back from:
Pro Photo Imaging (http://www.prophotoimaging.com/)
Burrell Colour Imaging (http://www.burrellcolourimaging.com/index.php)
Desktop Digital Lab (http://ddlab.net/)
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