~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

It's so nice today!

I really should be outside moving around instead of in here on the internet. Tsk tsk, me! Soon I'll be off for some walking and maybe some picture taking.

Speaking of picture taking, I sent messages on myspace to a few people I know who have babies/kids asking if they'd be willing to let me take pictures. I need to add some fresh faces to my portfolio. I'm terrible about keeping up with people even though I want to so I don't know if any of them will actually say yes. But at least I tried.

Yesterday Mikale got a little scrape/cut on his foot. He was running around barefoot outside. I can't knock that. I like being barefoot. But it is dangerous sometimes. He hopped around like he had broken it. And wouldn't let me look at it. And said "are you some sort of doctor or something?" only he said it in this amusing accusing sort of tone. Kid's funny and doesn't even know it.

I am thirsty. I think I'll go get some juice/water. It will help keep my bladder healthy.

Also, grrr at Steve. He left the front door wide open last night. I hate that. I don't want anyone to come rob us and/or let out kitties outside or do bad things to them. Grrr.
Tags: mikale
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