~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

today so far

I have some new bpal! Yay! Mike's order came in and there were some atomic luau lounge tiki bar scents in there for me. I have an imp of Upa Upa that I took from his bottle, a bottle of Rangoon Riptide and a bottle of Screeching Parrot. I'm wearing the Parrot. It's very grapefruity. It has faded quite a bit now though. I might reapply and continue my assessment.

My car is acting up. Yesterday when I left work it took me three tries to start my car and then a little later in the afternoon it took me several times again. Then when I got home and tried to lock the doors with the button on the door it didn't work. Today I tried unlocking the doors with the button on my key chain and that didn't work. And when I tried to start it it was completely lifeless. Then when I tried t lock the doors, again with the button on the door, it not only didn't lock the doors, but it made my tape player try to spit out its tape. But it can't spit out the tape and hasn't been able to since I got it so it just makes this funky noise when it tries. It did that. I tested it a few times and every time I tried to lock the door, that's what it did. Harry is supposed to be coming over to look at it/pick it up but I haven't heard from him and I don't know what he's doing. But Steve and I are supposed to be going to Logan's birthday party in a bit so it would be good to know what's going on. I called the house but he didn't answer. I should try his cell.

We just got back from Mikale's birthday party #1 a little bit ago. This is the party with kids from school at the gymnastics place. They had fun doing stuff then had cake and ice cream and then Mikale opened presents. We had to leave before he was done with that.

And now I need to call Harry and see what's up with my car.

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