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update time: uti, warm day, juice, walking

I went to the urgent care clinic yesterday and got my uti confirmed. I would have gone to my regular place and seen Carolyn my nurse practitioner lady like normal but they wouldn't have been able to fit me in for several days and my lower back/sides were beginning to ache even with the cranberry juice drinking. So I went to the other place. I didn't have to wait too long. The doctor I saw was wearing pink Crocs and had long purple painted finger nails. She gave me a prescription for Cipro. I picked Mikale up from school yesterday so I didn't get to take it in until last night. But I only had to wait for about a half hour when I did take it. It worked out fine. I'm thinking my antibiotic juice combo is doing some good because peeing today felt a lot less unpleasant. Yay!

The last few days the house has been very spidery. We have lots of those little yellow-green critters that build their little spider house pockets in corners and where the wall joins the ceiling. Then they run around in the morning when I get up and make me worry that they're going to drop on my head or into my coffee or cereal. Grrr. When they are running around we catch them in our Spider Catching Glass and put them outside. I like spiders enough to not want to squish them. But not enough to want them invading the space I'm trying to occupy. If they would just stay out of my way, we'd be fine. But I'm not cool with the squishing. So mostly I've just been bitching about them because they don't come out of their little spider houses often enough. And trying to force them out is usually less than successful because then they drop to the floor and we lose them. Then we're paranoid about it and imagine them crawling on us. Last night I think one did crawl on Steve. After he tried to force it out of it's spider house and it dropped to the floor. He kicked his foot when he felt it and then we really couldn't find it.

Maybe he ate it later.

It's a lovely day. The sky is beautiful and blue. The sun is shining. I'm going to walk and take pictures. I'm going to put some sunscreen on before I leave. My arms are pretty awful looking as it is. I've been picking at them all day. (bad me!) I don't need sun damage too.

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