~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

the daily twitter

  • 05:58 Still feel icky. The house is way spidery. I am not liking it. They're crawly in the morning. #
  • 06:07 I don't know what to wear today. I need my own stylist. #
  • 09:39 My Dr.'s office phone has been busy for an hour. Grr! #
  • 10:07 Finally got through. No help though. Might have to go to their urgent care place & just wait. Gotta pick up Mikale though. Life is hard. Grr #
  • 11:54 Leaving early to try to fit everything into the day that I need to. #
  • 14:14 Have Rx for Cipro. Hopefully that's one that works and not the one that didn't. Guess I'll find out! #
  • 14:23 Imagine if you got to be the person whose dog peed on Natalie Portman. tinyurl.com/6nkmpw #
  • 14:44 Off to pick up Mikale. Gotta get that script in too. #
  • 17:57 My head has been feeling a little... off and dizzyish all day. Like physically, not like I'm an idiot. #
  • 20:21 I just bought the the 20th anniversary version of Dirty Dancing. Kinda excited. Also have my Rx. #
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