~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

feeling unwell + hypnotist

My head hurts. It's a pain in my right temple. I also have little twinges in my bladder. I did through the weekend. I've been drinking some cranberry juice but not enough. Maybe I should try to get some of the pills as well. So now I'm sitting here feeling like I have to pee and feeling lightly crampy. And I feel mildly nauseated. And I'm tired. I was up past midnight last night. Bleah.

*whine whine whine*

I'm too tired to give this a good write up. Last night Steve and I went to Ryan's birthday party. He had it at TGI Friday's and had this hypnotist guy. (Jim Hoke if you want to google him - I like googling people!) He did some group relaxation things and I thought that was neat. I really did feel sleepy/relaxed. He also did some individual things with people. Mostly just relaxing type things at first. But also a few that were physical.

He had one guy put his arm in the air, told him that it was tense/rigid and that he couldn't take it down. He had him take his other arm and physically try to take it down and the guy couldn't (well as far as one could see anyway). He had a few people take pendulums and use them to answer yes/no questions by dangling the pendulum over a piece of paper and seeing which way it swung.

Later he had 5 people up in a group, including both me and Steve but we weren't next to each other, Ryan's wife, another girl who was part of the party but who I don't know, and one of the waitresses. Steve was next to the waitress and at one point the hypnotist had Steve "out" and was suggesting to him that the waitress had been flirting with him. And that he was uncomfortable with it and would want to tell her to cut it out. Later he had her hand on his leg and still suggested that he was uncomfortable. But then he changed that to 'now it's feeling kind of good. you like it.' Then he had them both with a hand on the other's knee/leg. What's up with that? He had us do the arm thing, and a similar one where he suggested we couldn't get our legs uncrossed, one where he suggested we had one of our fingers stuck in one ear. I played along but wasn't feeling those at all. At one point he had us stick our tongues out and suggested that the only way to get them to go back in was to get someone from the audience to touch it. Ew. I didn't go through with that one. And one suggestion that when we heard this certain sound (it was a loud squeaky thing that was making my head hurt) it would feel like the person next to us was pinching us on the butt. (Again, wtf?)

So I feel so-so about it. The relaxation stuff was nice.

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