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head lice

I was doing a little blog jumping - finding things to read. I came across a post by Maggie Mason about her recent experience with head lice. It inspired me to come post about my own lice experiences!

I've had lice twice. The first time was my first year of high school. I don't remember a whole lot about that, just that it was a lot easier to get rid of them than I expected. I had heard horror stories about long haired girls having to cut it all off to get rid of them. I didn't though, and I had hair that was nearly ass length. I just used Rid and combed and combed and combed. I remember sitting with a rubbing alcohol soaked paper towel in front of me, combing my hair and when I'd get a little critter, I'd pick it out of the comb with a safety pin and squish it on the paper towel. Their little bodies make a popping sound. Usually I'm all for not doing bad things to bugs. I like bugs. But not living on my head.

My second lice experience was in my first year of college. Unbeknownst to me, right after we started seeing each other, my then boyfriend hooked up with a little homeless hippy girl who knocked on the door and asked to use the bathroom one day. I was there then. But not when he decided it would be cool to have sex with her. Fucker.

So I was in a Biology Lab class one night and my head was a little itchy but I didn't think anything of it. I scratched it with one nail and just happened to look down afterward. And saw a little wriggling critter there almost under my nail. Most people would freak out and excuse themselves from class. Right? I don't know. I'm not one of those people. We were looking at pond water under microscopes that night. So naturally I stuck the littler sucker on a slide so I could get a better look! Coolest. Thing. EVER. to look at under a microscope. If you ever get the chance, DO IT! It's body was translucent and the light under it allowed me to see its little wriggly legs and to see my blood! Pulsing through it's little body! I just can't express how awesome that was. I'm excited right now just remembering it. It's making me feel a little like a freak.

Unfortunately, my lab partner, who also sat next to me in the lecture, was a little less impressed. Go figure. I'm pretty sure she didn't sit next to me the rest of the semester.

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