~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Thursday 13 #18 photo scavenger hunt! (up a little early)

Thirteen photographs I took while on a photo scavenger hunt with my brother.

1. a sign

04/15/08 sign

2. a feather

04/15/08 feather

3. a smooth round stone

04/15/08 stone

4. two twigs

04/15/08 twigs

5. pinecones

04/15/08 pinecones

6. bark

04/15/08 bark

7. grass

04/15/08 grass

8. something metal

04/15/08 metal

9. leaves

04/15/08 leaves

10. something green

04/15/08 green bin

11. a cut up bush

04/15/08 cut up bush

12. a cat

04/15/08 CK

13. three birds (this is one of them)

04/15/08 bird

Join in and find other participants at thursdaythirteen.com. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
Tags: thursday thirteen

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