~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

spring-ish day, talking to things

It's not quite warm enough for me to have the front door and sliding door in the sun room open. But the cats dig it, it airs out the house a bit, and it makes me feel a little more springy. Yay!
Actually now that I'm thinking about it, yes it is warm enough. It's the breeze that's making me feel a little chilly.

Yesterday I made a little video of Mikale. I told him to tell me something good about the day and recorded his answer.

This morning I was thinking about how much I talk to the cats. This was after I had said quite a few things to Muffin. My grandma has always been like that too.

Then, I was on my way into work and I had just gotten out of my car. I had my keys in my bag already. I have a key chain in the shape of a pig. His snout has LED lights and when you push a little button on his head, he oinks and the light comes on. Something must have pressed against it in there because my bag started oinking. And, without thinking, I said "stop it!" To my bag. As I was walking across the parking lot. I was alone so it was ok. At least, that makes it *seem* ok.
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