~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

cold. no hot. no cold.

It took me a long time to fall asleep last night. I was so cold! I was just all huddled up under my gazillion blankets and still was not warm. So I did a little "running in place". On my side. In bed. I'm sure that must have looked odd. Not that there was anyone to see it, so I don't suppose that matters. But I was on my side and as fast as I could moved my arms and legs. I did help for a little while but then I was cold again. But not *as* cold. So after doing that a couple times I apparently wasn't too cold to sleep any more.

I woke up some time after 2, hot and thirsty. I made my way to the bathroom and managed to get a drink of water without knocking anything over or stubbing my toes. I think I had been dreaming about drinking water. That happens when I really need to pee too. I'll dream about it. I think when I was little it made me wet the bed sometimes. Fortunately, not any more.

This morning when I got up I tipped over and whomped the wall. I was mid dream I think. Wobbly.

Muffin makes little bitty mewy noises at me sometimes. He does it when I sneeze and sometimes when I talk to him. It's tiny like the mews they make at birds. But bird mews are... clicky, somehow, at the same time. And his mew when talking to me isn't clicky. Which is good. I think it means he doesn't want to eat me.

Now I'm back to being cold. I have a throw wrapped around me though. Not for long. I have to finish getting ready in a few minutes. [note: just sneezed while typing that and he let out another little mewmewmew. hee!]

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