~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

an assortment of things

I'm tired and hungry. I think tired is going to win. I'll have breakfast in the morning.

I yell at other cars when I'm driving. I know they can't hear me and I don't even want them to. It's my impatience. Like 'Get over, damn it!' or 'Why are you going so sloooooow?!?' or 'Turn signal! Goddammit!!!' [side note: Muffin is attacking my slipper that does still have whiskers. I think I shall beat him. Perhaps with the whiskerless slipper.]

I am thinking about making blueberry pancakes for breakfast and having them with smashed up strawberries and vanilla yogurt. But the calories. Eep! But they sound good. Alas. Why is so much yummy food so calorific??

Mikale and I had a photo scavenger hunt today. He was semi-into it. We had a list of items that we could probably find in the yard and off we went. We made the list together with the help of g-ma. I found most of the things on the list. I also got a few pictures that weren't on the list. They're on my flickr so take a look if you're feeling like it. I'm going to use that as my Thursday Thirteen this week though so I'm not going to post them just yet. They are up though.

It's just about light outside when I go to work now. Finally. It was getting there before and then we had to change the clocks. Stupid. So I am pleased. Tomorrow is Wednesday already. I think I may be done picking Mikale up for the week.

And now to update crushedglass.net and then maybe shower and then bed. Maybe just update then bed. Also. I don't use enough of my icons. I have a ton. I ought to.

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