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bitch please...

This morning the phone woke me up. This isn't terribly uncommon and usually people are quick to hang up when they realise. Well this morning there was this woman... she's been calling here for a while for my grandma about something that she seems to deem important and evedently my grandma does not since they havent talked to each other as far as I know. She asked to speak with my grandma and I told her she wasn't available (she wasn't) and could I take a message. She said yes and asked if I had a pen and paper. I told her no, and that actually she had woken me up. Well usually someone calling, particularly someone who I don't know, will apologize and offer to call back later. She did not, she simply said ok then I'll wait while you go get one. um... what? no. no I do not think so. I asked her if she would mind calling back another time. She gave some sort of short affirmation and hung up.
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