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Thursday 13 #17 things I did this week - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
Thursday 13 #17 things I did this week
1.Walked a bunch
2.Took pictures (this is pretty much a constant)
3.Picked up Mikale from school
4.Watched a movie with my grandma
5.Got bunny slippers in the mail
6.Made a lot of posts to twitter
7.Posted in my journal and two different blogs, one work, one not
8.Masked my hair with Lush Jasmin and Henna Fluff Eaze
9.Snuggled with Buscuit wno is no longer a prisoner
10.Slept through a thunder storm (mostly)
11.Ate easter chocolate
12.Caught up on some online reading
13.Stayed up too late

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Comments are welcome and appreciated.


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From: ext_94658 Date: April 10th, 2008 01:41 pm (UTC) (Link)


Can I have some of that Easter candy? Sweetness threw ours out, and now that is all I crave! Eating healthy isn't all it is cracked up to be! ;-)
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