~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

headache diary

Will update this as needed.

Thurs. 4-3
Headache. Mild. More of an annoyance than anything. Sometimes a little stronger. Right temple mostly. Left temple a little.

Fri. 4-4
Same type of headache as the day before. Temples, not too terrible. Started feeling twinges of it as I was driving to work. Just got a little worse once I was there.

Sat. 4-5
Behind/under/in? my ears. Center of head between eyes. Haven't eaten real food yet. Had brownie and coffee. I don't know. Stupid head.

later: ache in my head - temples, forehead/between the eyes. Also, my wrists/arms/legs ache. Arthritis? Makes me feel old. Plus I'm grumpy and feel like a cow.
Tags: head ow, notes

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