~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Thursday 13 #16 more things about me

A couple weeks ago I emailed sgfaboo that I was struggling to come up with the 13 things about me for my list. So he wrote one about me. I'm lazy (and tired) so I'm going to use his list this week!

sgfaboo says:

You can tie a cherry stem knot with your tongue
You can call monsters with a blade of grass
You have a brother 21 years younger than you
You've been to Canada
You know how to make fudge
You once got sick on a cruise
You can get six fireworks every time on Super Mario Brothers
You appreciate cows once a year
You have met members of The Blue Man Group
You can use the word "algorhythm" in a sentence
You have been to three Lush stores
You have cared for orphaned skunks
You have never been abducted by an alien...or have you?

Join in and get the code at thursdaythirteen.com.
Comments welcome and appreciated.
Tags: thursday thirteen

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