~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

sleepy time, but first an update

I've been lazy. Twitter is letting me be lazy. Because at the end of the day when all of my mini updates are posted, I know what I did all day. Roughly anyway. Hope everyone had a nice mean prank free april fish day.

Today was not too exciting. When I got up this morning I could hear the wind blowing outside and the trees were swooshing and it just sounded really gusty. I was worried that it would be all cold and yucky. I was pleasantly surprised when I went out. It didn't get all cold and yucky until later. When I got out of work. On my way it was beautiful. It was gusty but because it was warm it was just gorgeous and I just wanted nothing more than to be out in it enjoying it. So I worked and then when I got out I found it much colder. And I did not like it. I went to Mike's and ate lunch. Ham, salami and cheese sandwich with pickle spears and green grapes. And a big glass of water. Which I always need to drink more of.

Went home for a bit, changed into non work pants, gave Muffin and Biscuit some lunch because they are spoiled and Biscuit needs to be fattened up a bit. I picked up Mikale from school and took him to g-ma's I remembered to bring her the newspapers Steve's parents brought for her from Chicago. She appreciated that. I burned a CD with my Favorites folder from my desktop computer so I can add it to del.icio.us at my leisure here. I also cleared off my camera and backed up. And burned the rest of the March pictures to CD as well. Mikale and I played some Pass the Pigs. He won one game and I won one.

On my way back here I called Rick and we talked for a bit and we're meeting for coffee after I get out of work on Thursday. Now I just need to keep this information in my head for the next couple days so I don't forget that Thursday is Thursday. I do things like that. I was going to go with Steve to buy garage doors but then Harry called and I walked him through scanning something and attaching it to an email. And here I am now. There were some problems with the sending so I might be hearing from him again. But it's time for me to go to bed. So I would like to close the help desk for the night.

Oh and I ate some pepper jack cheese, crackers and dill pickle relish for dinner. It was not that satisfying.

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