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paper journal vs online journal

I was recently thinking that I miss writing in a paper journal. I quit pretty much in favor of writing in the online one, thinking that I'd write in it more. But that's mostly because I always mislead myslef into believeing that I only have so many words inside of me... that I only can write so much and in so many places. I don't know though. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea to push myself. I was thinking of taking up a paper journal again in addition to this. I think I need to purchase a new one though since the old somehow got peed on. Cat pee. bleah. I've also given thought to keeping an offline journal in a scrapbook sort of way. Its how I've usually kept one anyway... putting in pictures and small life souvenirs. I don't know yet. I just miss writing and I don't htink I do it nearly enough.

On a similar note, I've been thinking that I'd like to write more letters as well. Too much of my correspondence has been in abbreviated IM terms. That's fine enough but I miss the particular flavor of written correspondence... even the way that emails can be if you put some thought into them and treat them as you would a written letter.

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