~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

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  • 05:22 I am sleepy. The transition from weekend to weekday does this to me. Sounds like my coffee is done. Wee! #
  • 06:43 Damn it. I've done it again. And I haven't even fed me or the cat yet. Damn you internet, damn you. #
  • 08:31 Breakfast time! Finally. This makes me feel boring. #
  • 09:51 Crossword puzzles are srs bzns! #
  • 12:43 Catching up on dooce.com #
  • 14:16 I need to clean out my bag. I don't even know what I'm carrying around with me. #
  • 14:53 Picking up Mikale. Then maybe will tackle the to-do list. There is one. #
  • 17:28 Doing my laundry. No funk for me tomorrow! Also, cleaning out my tote. And I played (& won) at Pass the Pigs with Mikale. #
  • 17:34 Myspace is lying to me. I have no new photo comments! Get my hopes up for nothing! #
  • 18:37 Bleah. Full of too big half of too big sandwich. Guess I should have gone for a quarter. #
  • 20:05 paying bills. fun. then shower. then bed. #
  • 20:54 I need to put away my non-funky laundry before I forget about it & it becomes non-funky cathair-coated laundry. Then I need to wash my hair. #
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