~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,


7:19 am
Bleah. I feel slightly nauseated but it's because I haven't eaten yet. And that I blame on the internet.
I have water here but it's at least a couple days old. I hope it's not too gross. There is a filter on the bottle.
The ballot box question from Friday was about snow. "Do you hope Saginaw County gets the 7.3 inches of snow it needs to break the record for second-snowiest winter?" My answer is definitely no. No, no, and no a little bit more.

7:47 am
Had a moment of panic when Steve sent me a text: "I can't find Biscuit!"
Then he sent another saying he found him. And fed him more gooshy food. My reply: "Heart attack. Thank you."

8:12 am
I wonder if my blueberries have thawed yet. I have fruit & yogurt for breakfast.
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