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  • 09:38 @Minxs I found a DVD but it's on Channels, not curves. Is that what I'm looking for? I hope? #
  • 09:43 Awake now. Need coffee, shower, and kitty lovin. #
  • 10:11 One down, two to go. #
  • 12:41 Biscuit's swelling way better. Freedom is in sight! He is out right now. Had breakfast with the Thompsons at Davenport. Going shopping. #
  • 13:39 The kitty is bad. Completely jacked up my hello kitty toilet seat. :( #
  • 15:44 I think I'll catch up on more flickr uploading. Haven't done any in a while. Also, got a Love Spell lotion free from VS. Like I need more. #
  • 15:45 @skater80 I'm making my way pretty steadily through my easter candy. And my 2nd birthday cake. #
  • 19:14 Playing with my webkinz turtle, Sh3lly. Because Webkinz is stupid & wouldn't let me call him Shelly because it has a word they don't allow. #
  • 19:27 And now it's time for some wii bowling. I got my ass kicked by some kid playing webkinz bowling. Oh the shame! #
  • 20:35 I almost made it to "pro" status on the wii. Then my game left me. Ah well! #
  • 21:55 @sgfaboo Tomorrow is another day for Twitter! #
  • 21:55 Time for bed! Before now. But I slept in so I wouldn't have gotten to sleep anyway. Night night! #
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