~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

listening to the radio on the way to work

I tried to post this by email but I got a delay message. If it actually does go through I guess I'll just have to remove the double!

They were playing clips from moment of truth on 93 this morning. That show is kinda trainwreck-y. There was a guy who got to at least $100,000 and maybe he stopped there. I don't know. I got here then and didn't hear anything more. His support system there with him included both his parents, his sister and his girlfriend.

He has had sex with at least 100 women. He keeps a spreadsheet to keep them organized. He has kept a woman's underwear after sex as a trophy. And he has been paid for sex. Wonder what his girlfriend was thinking. Better, wonder what his mom was thinking.
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