~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

I went on a camping trip and I took...

We just played a game. "I went on a _____ and I took ____" We went back and forth through the alphabet listing what we took.

I went on a camping trip and I took...

an Absolute ripped up piece of paper
a Brat
a Crippled fish
a Doorknob
a Elephant
a Fairy
a Giant pickle
a House
International internet
a Joke book
a Kid
a Loud radio
Mackinac Island fudge, 3 lbs
a New jack-in-the-box
an Octopus
a Queen cake
a Renault
a Silly Santa
a Tent
a Unicycle
a Vent
Whiny Wendy
a Xylophone
a Yo-yo
a Zebra
Tags: mikale

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