~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Back from MSU now

My head hurts. Bleah.

We got there early but that was fine. They were very busy. It took a while for Kate to get to us but (since she's still awesome) that was fine. I'm pretty patient. It was very doggy there today. Lots of different types, including some *huge* ones. Kinda neat.

We saw Kate, Dr. Guillou and Dr. Stanley. The verdict on Biscuit's bulge is that it's a seroma. They did not detect anything else in there, putting pressure on him in different places didn't change the bulge at all. This is good.

It should gradually go away on its own but it means his kitty jail sentence has been extended for at least a couple more weeks. If he keeps aggravating the area he can end up with more fluid accumulating there. So no fun for Biscuit.

I'm supposed to warm pack the area as often as possible, provided he tolerates it. I think he probably will. He's usually pretty cooperative.

If the swelling gets bigger or hasn't started to go down in a couple weeks he should go back again. But if it is getting smaller in that time he should be just fine. So yay! Except for the kitty jail part. No yay to that. Poor Biscuit.

I gave Kate one of the Christmas pictures (the santa kitties) and wrote down web addresses for Biscuit pics. He was such a cute baby. He's cute now but he was even cuter when he was tiny. I also asked about getting copies of his x-rays and she was going to see about getting them sent to me. Probably on CD which would be perfect. She said if there was any problem with that, she would call me. I look forward to having them. They're fascinating.
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