~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

today; so far and later

Biscuit was extremely playful this morning. He was in super wiggy mode and was attacking a plastic thing he found in the bathroom. I also brought him a straw but he was being so awful that I made sure to take it with me when I left. I think being locked up is starting to get to him. :)

I'll be leaving here in about half an hour. I have some things to read in the meantime.

Biscuit's appointment is at 11:20 so we'll have to be leaving right after I get home. Hopefully they'll tell me something good. I do think his bulge might be smaller. It feels like it might be but then when I look at him, it still *looks* pretty bulgy so I don't know.
Tags: critter tales
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