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I've only been home a few minutes. We went to a movie tonight.. more on that later though. Friday was the concert. There were things about the evening that definitely did not please me but in spite of all that he really does put on a good show. We had arena floor tickets. Usually that means its just the crowd and you are on your own to get a spot as far away or as close as you can manage. The security is usually fairly minimum but not really necessary anyway. There would usually be large men at the front to prevent people from going up too far and to catch crowd surfers and send them on their way. Friday night was not like that at all. There were chairs and assigned seats. we were in row 36 Left- seats 11 and 12. They really really enforced it. They allowed no people on shoulders, no people in the asile.. not even a little. This one guy ahead of us a few rows got yelled at for dancing out in the asile doing the Hillbilly Stomp. It was just so unlike what it usually is. The show, though, was great. He does a fabulous job.

Later we were supposed to go to Shooters since that's where Kid Rock was supposed to go afterward. We did go there but it wasn't a very sucessful trip. The parking lot was packed. There were people all filling the spots and making new ones for themselves on all sides of the building and in the parking lots in the buildings next door. We found a spot behind the building but were told by a police guy as we were going to walk up to the building that they were going to start towing people from back there. We found out from Ryan the next day (since he had gotten in, having connections there and all) that people started fighting right before Kid Rock came and so when he got there he saw all the commotion and just left again. So that sucked (for him and everyone else) but I didn't feel nearly so bad then for being a loser and not being able to get in :)

We went back to my house to pick up my stuff that we needed to come back for. We stopped at Meijer on our way home for a few things and then went home to sleep. There wasn't much time for anything on Saturday. We had a dance to DJ in Houghton Lake for about 600 kids (tip up town teen dance). We had to leave around 4:00. The dance went well and everyone had a good time. On the way home it was so cold!

We talked to Ryan a bit when we got there and then went to sleep. Sunday was a pretty quiet day. We slept in, which was very nice, and made pancakes when we got up. We looked at some things online, watched some Anna Nicole, and took a nap. We also went to see Butterfly Effect. I had definitely hopes for it because it just sounded like an interesting idea. I had my worries about Ashton though. But he did a fine job. I suppose when someone does enough roles that are the same type of character its hard to think of them doing anything different. But he pulled it off nicely and I really liked it a bunch.

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