~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

strawberry, sleepy, crampy, stuff

I felt like I inhaled a bit of strawberry this morning. Hopefully not. Bleah.

I'm beginning to feel all crampy. This might be a sign that things could get icky here. Hopefully not. I am ill prepared. Bleah.

I didn't get to sleep early enough last night. I was tired, just not sleeping.

I have my car back. Yay! It cost like $400. On top of the $300 from the week before. Then there's the roughly $1800 so far to MSU. Biscuit's stuff on Friday was about $300. Bleah.

I'm going to start a photo a day project. So far there is nothing there but yesterday's Biscuit jail photo. I'll come up with something for today.

EDIT: I was correct. I am crampy and with good reason. I feel icky. In multiple ways. I have ibuprofen so that should help with one part and... let's just say I improvised for the rest and hopefully it will serve its purpose until I get home.
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