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possibly fluid, possibly fat, possibly a hole

Today Biscuit has his appointment at MSU. We needed to have him there at 2. We met with Kate (who continues to be awesome) which was good. I didn't know how they did things there or if we might end up with someone else or what. She felt his belly and then brought in Dr. Stanley. Dr. Stanley was still leaning toward it being fluid but was not 100% sure so Biscuit had an x-ray.

They were not able to tell from that if it was hernia or fluid. There was gas present in the area of the swelling. From there we decided to go for an ultrasound of the area to try to get a better look. Biscuit hung out and slept on my lap while we waited for them to be ready for his ultrasound.

The ultrasound showed the swelling as fluid and fat but it couldn't be determined if the fat was merely on both sides of the abdominal wall or if it was coming from one side of it through a hole to the other side. They did not see any abdominal organs in the area. So that is good good good.

So Biscuit is home and is to be in maximum security kitty prison until Wednesday when he goes back for a check-up. He can come out for snuggling only and that's pretty much it. I need to watch for changes in the swelling. If there is increased swelling, if he stops eating, if he has shortness of breath or shaking they need to be called immediately. Otherwise we'll see how the next few days go.

Also, I learned that Biscuit's original x-rays are being used as teaching x-rays. Very interesting! I got to see them today. Really fascinating to look at. I would love to have a scan of them.

This report based heavily on Kate's notes.
Tags: critter tales

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