~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

dreams and Biscuit

Right before I got up this morning, I was having a super strange dream. I don't remember the things leading up to the end part now. I was at work and doing something. But as I was standing next to the proof box, Bernie said something to Eric about being careful (I think) and made reference to some thing he had that predicted danger somehow or soemthing. Anyway, he said something to Eric about 50,000 attacks showing up as happeining to him in a minute and a half. (from then or duration of time, I'm not now sure). Then some people burst in. And I didn't even hesitate, I ran from the room into what would Maureen's office but when I was in it, it looked nothing like it. First I was hiding under the desk but I decided that wasn't safe enough I guess and I went for this closet (it's not really there but in the dream it was) and started climbing up, above the rack to the two shelves above. Then I was going even higher, through the ceiling panels. It gets a little fuzzy after that. So strange.

Now Biscuit is sleeping on my lap. Earlier he was being so weird. He climbed on my lap and started sniffing and licking my hair. Apparently I am wearing some sort of Biscuit bait but I have no idea what it is. Then he climbed up on my shoulder, still licking and nibbling at my hair and started biting at it and being all chompy on my hair which ended up being my neck because he was being so enthusiastic about it. I made him get on the couch and he had a little time out. Now he's crashed out on my lap.

Crazy little Biscuit.
Tags: critter tales, dream

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