~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

evening update on Biscuit

I talked to Kate just a while ago. I was in the car, not home yet so I'm going by memory and I know I missed a few things. But here is what I have.

Biscuit is fully recovered from anesthesia and walking around. His incision looks good. It's long and he has staples. He has some air in the hernia pocket and they put a compression jacket on him to try to help with that. Something about a little kitty compression jacket amuses me. Apparently Biscuit was not amused and not willing to wear the jacket. She said something about him throwing himself at the walls of his enclosure. So he is not wearing the jacket. She said she will try to feed him before she goes home for the night and that she did or would soon give him oral pain meds. She said he's doing great.

When he is home his incision will need to be kept clean, dry, unlicked and properly cared for. I hope they will have tips on how to keep it unlicked by him or the others.

As long as nothing comes up between now and then, he will be cleared for pick-up tomorrow morning. She will call me around 8 to solidify pick up time.
Tags: critter tales

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