~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Biscuit update

Kate (I don't remember her last name) called and apologized for not calling yesterday. She said she hoped she didn't cause too much worry for me. She also gave me her pager number so if I don't hear from her and I start to worry, I can page her and she'll call me back. So that's good. She's very nice. She said he's a good boy and that everyone has been saying "oh he's so cute!"

Biscuit's bloodwork is pretty normal and he'll be going in for surgery shortly. She said if everything goes well, she should be calling me around lunch time. Somewhere in the 11:30-12ish range I think.

So I'll be anxiously awaiting her call, pretty much stressing until then.
Tags: critter tales
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